no. 3 | On gratitude…

my apologies for the silence lately–struggling to balance midterms and music does not lend itself to creative output. nevertheless, I wanted to include some bits & bobs from the past two weeks, as they have been filled with gratefulness, which is the theme of this post.

here, I also share the third stop of my hackneyed devices fall 2017 Prokofiev tour, in Toronto. related posts in the series are at the end of this one.

Since I wrote you last, life has been an odd yet powerful mix of the familiar wrung in unfamiliar ways: a pianist I’ve admired for a whole decade (and counting) playing in a way that she has never played before, and maybe never will again. Stepping off the plane into fresh, polished Toronto, a city just quirky enough to cast a warmer glow on the comforts of English speakers and herb-encrusted French fries. Watching another passion project, one that melds music with fashion, play out right in front of me, surreally, with all the eeriness of déjà vu. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about the above + more below.

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