field notes SF – ramen, etc.

this much-requested food diary is the final post in the Bay Area “field notes” series. yum.

devoured: appropriately-named “Best Day of My Life” (BDOML) açai bowl c/o Bare Bowls. Friend’s response to snap story: “Is that weed?” (No, but it could have been.)
reunited withvictoria, cradling a massive “welcome” bouquet in her arms. Ecstatic tears ensued.
surrounded by: so much athleisure I might as well have been swimming in lycra.

tried: hint® @ Facebook HQ micro-kitchen #146; raspberry sorbet @ Sweet Stop; demolishing evil robots/frying bacon @ Oculus; surprisingly savory cajun tofu burgers @ Full Circle.
metwill (more tears) + ashu (“surprised to see us?”) + poz, head of intern videography.
basked: atop MPK 20, in Facebook’s High Line-esque rooftop garden.

dined: Michelin-starred Village Pub. Service was so seamless it could’ve been orchestrated. Duck breast so expertly-seared it would’ve sent Gordon Ramsay bawling. Chocolate soufflé + earl grey crème anglaise so luscious it was NSFW.
treatedkatherine (badass future Saint Laurent CEO), victoria, & will.
salivated overeric, maître d’, ballet dancer emeritus, spirit animal; private kitchen tour; chocolate crunch bar + pineapple/coconut verrine on eric‘s tab (!!).

converted to: Philz Coffee sweet & creamy mint mojito (don’t question, just sip). Thanks, elise.

joined: the Boudin Bakery cult.
reenacted: Oprah’s love of bread (in this case, the kind that hugs clam chowder).

addicted to: Humphry Slocombe “Secret Breakfast” (bourbon & corn flake cookies ice cream), inhaled by the spoonful c/o victoria. Ten words: Cowgirl Creamery raclette-kale-pesto-sundried-tomato-prosciutto grilled cheese.
couldn’t resist: Blue Bottle, with katherine and bill vouching for its *wholesomeness*.
couldn’t escape: Facebook interns – even at the Ferry Building!

sizzled: a little too much bulgogi (beef & chicken), pork belly (samgyeopsal), and beef short rib (galbi) @ Beque Santa Clara.
crunched on: kimchi.
debated: the appeal of Tesla, the secrecy of Apple with willkatherine, & victoria.

digested: alongside karaserina slurping #noodz @ hearty Ramen Izakaya Yu-Gen Mountain View.
ranted with: kara over Teaspoon honey oolong (if there’s one thing the West Coast will always do better than East, it’s boba).

tried: Rooster & Rice’s famed Hainanese chicken (W H O A); lemonade’s watermelon-rosemary lemonade (verdict: unmemorable).
surrounded by: corporate millennials, pigeons.

devoured: scrumptious takoyaki + heart-stopping black garlic oil-coated ramen @ Iza SOMA. “California aesthetic” in a restaurant (reclaimed wood, mason jars, unfinished ceiling, eucalyptus candles).
delighted inkevin chu’s zen; javier’s music-making; SF City Hall.

twice in two days: La Taqueria on Mission. Faith in humanity restored, thanks to lengua (beef tongue!) burritos, carne asada tacos, horchata, and kevin chau.
caved: to Tartine’s morning bun, c/o luke. Delirious for the next hour.
guzzled: spiked carrot OJ @ the very avant-garde and liberating de Young.

savoredmoussaka and lamb bolognese @ elitist-but-delicious NoVY; the insanely-accomplished adithya’s humility + his self-transcribed GOT theme song for violin solo.
anticipated: the breathtaking view from Twin Peaks; adithya getting his pilot’s license & his next NYC visit. 🙂

dined: @ Googleplex with serina (a.k.a. “Babbles”), my fave.
introduced toThe Bold Type. Devil Wears Prada meets Gossip Girl meets Gilmore Girls; equal-parts smart & sexy.

slurped: absurd chicken paitan soy sauce ramen @ Nojo. Bowls were licked clean, nori avocado gulped down (“California on a dish”), + scoops of Humphry Slocombe “Vietnamese Blue Bottle” (?) + “Matchadoodle” (!) were demolished.
swooned over: kevin chau, the Degas exhibit @ Legion of Honor; the Shangri-la that is Land’s End after the fog cleared; all-Beethoven @ SF Symphony with adithya.

thank you to all (including every uberPOOL driver) who made this trip unforgettable – I owe it to you.

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field notes documents my travels.

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